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The Rise of Skywalker: Ascendant (Released)
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30-Mar-2021, 11:24 AM

Jar Jar Bricks said:

Hey, all I’m saying is that it is canon that Lando stayed there for 14 years once he was done with the mission with Luke:

“He embarked on a quest to the desert planet of Pasaana with Luke Skywalker to find answers about the growing darkness in the Force, but failed to uncover anything. Seeking to bury the pain of those memories (his daughter), Calrissian settled on Pasaana and led a solitary lifestyle where he was known as the “Hermit” to the native Aki-Aki. He lived alone for some years while keeping contact with the Solo family and was later asked by Organa’s Resistance for his aid in the war against the First Order.” -Wookiepeedia

I was curious about the actual canon statement on this since that section of Wookieepedia doesn’t list a source. I found the appropriate part of his biography section which said a similar thing and sourced the TROS Visual Dictionary, so I went and checked his page. Here’s what it says:

Six years after the tragedy that befell his family, Calrissian served as a partner and guide to Luke Skywalker as the Jedi Master searched for clues to a growing darkness he detected in the Force. Whispers spoke of a resurgent enemy from the past, and Skywalker was determined to find some answers. Had some remnant of the Sith survived? Calrissian’s underworld contacts passed along rumors of a hunter of Sith relics on Pasaana, and while Luke and Lando investigated the world’s deserts they did not find their quarry. Lando, however, did find some peace and a sense of community among the humble Aki-Aki, and decided to stay. Once again shielded from an escalating conflict, he felt he had earned his rest after so much sacrifice.

It then details that he was there for 15 years before TROS. I’m pretty fine with this actually, I didn’t like the original implication that he was just hiding out in his feelings there but it sounds like he was just chilling there in retirement living in a nice warm community.