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What do you LIKE about the EU?
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27-Mar-2021, 7:42 PM
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I never had the 2003 edition, mine was the first impression first printing from 1993. Glossy Shiny Paper. The colorist used quite garish colors. I have no idea who the colorist was, i always assumed it was Pamela Rambo but its not stated.

I decided to buy the Boxtree version instead of the new Marvel printing. I like Dark Empire not sure i 40 dollars like Dark Empire. I also don’t need Dark Empire II already have it. Don’t need the supplements, just want a reading copy in new shape without coffee stains.

I also just got Dark Horse Comics TPB for Tales of the Jedi. I have the Sith War. Just need to find Dark Lords of the Sith.

Also trying to find Boba Fett Enemy of the Empire at a decent price. Same for Mara Jade by the Emperor’s Hand and Shadows of the Empire TPB. I used to have all of these i have no idea what happened to them. Maybe someone borrowed them and never returned them.