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Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker Redux Ideas thread
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27-Mar-2021, 12:59 AM

joshuabri said:

All of this relentless back and forth doesn’t get us anywhere. It is fine and encouraged to state your opinions, but we’ll rarely, if ever, argue someone to our side. Nothing anyone is saying is wrong, it’s just that different story elements speak to each of us differently based on our own experiences. We have to accept that the story elements that we value most may not be as important to someone else. There is no “true” interpretation of the story or characters, just what they speak to us and our lives. Probably the best we can say is that a better developed and written trilogy might have had fewer offending elements to the fandom in general. Getting off my horse now.

Yeah, something people keep forgetting is that these are fanediting threads, not opinion threads. If your unsolicited opinion has nothing to do with fanediting, don’t post it. If you don’t like someone’s opinion, don’t watch their fanedit. Take your arguments to the argument threads, because we have those.

Brewzter said:

This is very well done!