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Fantasia - Special Edition laserdisc (Released)
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26-Mar-2021, 3:03 PM

monks19 said:

Hello all. Just saw the “restaured and uncensored” version you did of the movie. Good job. Although, I have two things to poind out that stick out a little bit and could be corrected in the future:

1- The HD scan of the censored parts. Any chance to clean it it up a little bit ? It’s marred with both vertical lines and spots that could probably cleaned up alittle bit. Also, the images look a bit darker than the ones coming from the LD/Early DVD (I don’t think Blu-ray image was used on this, right ?)

2- The audio reconstruction. The sound is good, but seems very weak at times (almost too low). Also, the different sources do stick out a bit on occasion (differend hissings and lack of it). Any chance to rework it a bit more so the changes become seamless ?

Otherwise, very good job and thanks to everyone involved.

For the audio, there are three sources used:

  • The audio on the laserdisc itself (a dolby surround encoding)
  • The DVD stereo
  • The 1961 vinyl for mono
    As you can imagine, we’re all over the place with eras of sound quality. The 1990 CD that was released with the LD/VHS unfortunately is edited the same as the movie, meaning we have no 1990-era audio to fix the deleted sections. The DVD is the second closest, but it is not mixed in Dolby Surround, meaning the spatial effects thin out and weaken during those ~5 seconds. The mono dub spots are just weak overall, what would be ideal is a magnetic copy of the mono soundtrack. I’m sure someone is in possession of one with the other Fantasia projections going on. This would eliminate both the hissing and scratching artefacts and provide better EQ (the vinyl copy is mixed very low and hardly has any bass). Of course, you could also just process everything to try to get as close to the LD audio as possible, which would be the quickest fix.