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Info: Guide for Working with 4K HDR Blu-ray Rips in SDR
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26-Mar-2021, 2:08 PM
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26-Mar-2021, 2:12 PM
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44rh1n, also of note regarding importing HEVC rips into resolve:
when I imported a “23.976” FPS 4k mp4 rewrapped from an mkv rip, resolve had severe sporadic framerate problems with the import itself, even with the “correct” master settings for timeline and playback (23.976). original 4K UHD disc framerate was actually variable unfortunately. some frames in the resolve import were duplicated resulting in occasional stuttered, laggy video (in timeline and in the final export), which I didn’t realize until far into the editing project when I stumbled across a duplicated frame. as a test, reimported a new project in resolve at 24 FPS in master settings (timeline and playback) with the same bad result. so then I imported the same mp4 into premiere and every frame was perfect (albeit no real HDR support). ultimately I had to use hybrid to create a prores which resolve imported perfectly with no frame issues. resolve is a great program but very buggy when it comes to certain things premiere handles with ease. using hybrid before the import to resolve is a reliable way to avoid possible issues.

EDIT: note in my original editing project I used cineform mov files exported from resolve. I don’t edit directly in HEVC or H264.