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The End of the Jedi (2-in-1 of Ep. 8 and 9) (V1 Released)
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26-Mar-2021, 12:33 PM

Its really well done but In my opinion it creates many more problems then it fixes

first I think you forgot to remove a scene because all of roses scenes are removed except the one where finn asks her if she wants to come along and thats the only time she appears in the movie so I don’t know why you left it in

also for the scene with luke and leia I think it would have been Better if you had it take place at night with the moonlight illuminating them, that way the vfx would be less distracting because its darker you would’nt be able to see them as clearly and would also hid the rotoscope errors. And this way it would fix the weird lighting when luke arrives (because it doesn’t look like they were in the same place) and just in general they would fit in a bit more because the lighting would be closer to how it was in the original scene.

I would also have kept at the very least the start of the resistance storyline from last Jedi where Finn wakes up since last time we saw finn he was unconscious and in critical condition so it would probably be better to still pay that off.

I would also put all of the Palpatine stuff after ben kills Snoke since putting it before kinda doesn’t make sense and it ruins the scene where he kills Snoke for me

and the only other thing I feel like writing about would be that you should have added ether a body hitting the floor sound or a neck snap when Ben is choking Hux so his disappearance from the rest of the movie is now clear to the audience

also I don’t know if removing the force heal was a good idea since now Ben’s arc feels unfinished and this combined with removed Rey being Palpatines granddaughter makes Palpatines plan make absolutely no sense

and I think that you should have kept the scene where Rey tries to exile herself since now that she killed Ben its more justified, and her getting Leia’s saber from Luke answers the question on why she isn’t using it at all

and I understand added the orange eyes when Rey kills Palpatine but it creates a massive plot hole where she kills Palpatine in anger like he wanted yet his essence doesn’t enter her and I think you could have kept the voices of the other jedi helping Rey since it gave the scene a little more something

other problems I have would probably be harder to fix like now the knights of Ren and captain Phasma now being Mia and Finn getting no real story arc at all and that one old general just showing up out of nowhere.

its still very well done and I couldn’t do better it just creates too many flaws for me to say its the definitive way to watch them