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Fantasia - Special Edition laserdisc (Released)
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26-Mar-2021, 5:00 AM

Hello all. Just saw the “restaured and uncensored” version you did of the movie. Good job. Although, I have two things to poind out that stick out a little bit and could be corrected in the future:

1- The HD scan of the censored parts. Any chance to clean it it up a little bit ? It’s marred with both vertical lines and spots that could probably cleaned up alittle bit. Also, the images look a bit darker than the ones coming from the LD/Early DVD (I don’t think Blu-ray image was used on this, right ?)

2- The audio reconstruction. The sound is good, but seems very weak at times (almost too low). Also, the different sources do stick out a bit on occasion (differend hissings and lack of it). Any chance to rework it a bit more so the changes become seamless ?

Otherwise, very good job and thanks to everyone involved.