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The Clone Wars: Refocused - A complete series edit inspired by the Mandalorian [RELEASED: 1 episode + 2/5 seasons + 3 bonus] Current focus: UMBARA.
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24-Mar-2021, 12:37 PM

My issue is that I don’t actually remember anything that happened in any episode which makes it difficult to make suggestions on how best to order them. I’m terrible for remembering details.

I will say that after the canon series 3 (and the model change) up until the end of series 6, the characterisations of the mains and recurring supporting characters don’t really change too much. Obviously plots continue that have impacts on later stories so it’s not like they can go in any order, but the characters don’t change all that much. The main trio and Padmé are especially static after that point I feel.

Ahsoka basically starts from her model change as having got over the impulsiveness from before, and basically become a hybrid of Obi (she’s incredibly sarcastic) and Ani (she’s very prone to emotion) and stays that way until series 7 where she becomes more like Obi (calm mentor).