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Twin Peaks: Between Two Ferns (a WIP)
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23-Mar-2021, 1:50 AM

Having seen the workprint of your edit, I do tend to agree with the feedback that you’ve left in too much. Personally, I think if you’re going to cut the crap out of something, you should go all the way. You mention your desire to preserve the season warts and all, but don’t forget that the original episodes don’t disappear when someone fanedits them! If this truly is your ideal version of the season, then that’s great. If not, then what’s the harm in a more radical approach?

That said, I think you’re well on your way to accomplishing your stated goal. A piece of (hopefully) constructive feedback I can offer is to define whether you intend this to play like a film or like an extended episode. Because, as it stands it sort of feels caught in between the two. If you want it to feel like a film, I think the opening few minutes could really use some kind of hook — I found the first scene with Ms. Briggs in the sheriff’s station too static and dialogue-heavy to be the opening of a movie experience. Not sure how you could accomplish this, maybe a recap of the preceding events? Or something a little more atmospheric — even an abstract title sequence a la Fire Walk With Me would go a long way to helping this feel more like a stand-alone experience.

I hope you don’t take anything I’ve said as a knock against you and your work — this project just isn’t radical enough for me. Best of luck to you, though! And you’ve inspired me to try my hand at my own season 2 edit.