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Was Sebastian Shaw the wrong choice for Anakin?
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22-Mar-2021, 12:55 PM

The twenty years between Anakin’s fall and ANH is really set in stone. Vader didn’t know he had twins. He knew Padme was pregnant, but not twins. So sometime between conception and birth was ALWAYS (at least post ROTJ) was when Anakin’s fall happened. Anakin should be 10 years younger than Kenobi. That fits in Episode I, but the timeline Lucasfilm came up with doesn’t fit with any of the character ages. Vader, Kenobi, Owen, and Beru should be close in age. The actors are roughly right for Kenobi, Own and Beru, but Hayden was too young and Shaw too old. Alec was in his mid 60’s during the OT, so Anakin/Vader should have been in his mid 50’s. The established timeline is 46 years old for Anakin. I think the Clone Wars need to be longer and the time between II and III needs to be longer by about 7 years making Anakin 53 in ROTJ. This also fixed Kenobi, Own, and Beru’s ages to match the actors. Though spending 20 years in a desert can make you look older (lots of real world examples), how do you explain Anakin? Could hate and pain prematurely age someone that much?