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Best Performance in the Original Trilogy
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22-Mar-2021, 12:39 PM

I’ve always thought Alec Guiness’ performance is the best. He does Obi-wan’s gentle humour so well, but also communicates the past trauma of the Clone Wars and Jedi purge. The scene in Obi-wan’s hut is Guiness’ best - without his acting, the dialogue about past events might have felt like a forced ‘exposition dump’, just an insert of necessary worldbuilding - but instead he made me invested in those events before I’d seen them play out on screen.

His performance reminds me of Mark Hamill’s in TLJ a little, in that both actors were skeptical about the films they were in (Mark thought Luke was being fundamentally misunderstood, Alec thought the premise was cheesy and the dialogue was bad) but both set this aside to deliver deadly serious and compelling performances.