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Complete Comparison of Special Edition Visual Changes
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17-Mar-2021, 7:52 AM

Well, I started by dragging 4K83 and 19SE into the same timeline. Then I went to the extended sections I knew about and made cuts to shift them to be on the same frame later, then kept going back to find where the frames had been shifted. This wasn’t the best idea to start with, but it didn’t take long and I was excited. I did move Jedi Rocks into its own sequence so I could move things around without messing with the rest of the movie.

Then I dragged GOUT, 97SE, 04SE, and 11SE into the same giant timeline and tried to get them to line up using the same methods. Again, mistake. Eventually I remembered that Premiere can now do Scene Edit Detection, so I used that (which took an hour or so per version) to let me at least SEE where the frames were off. It was 97SE that was the culprit, as GKAR’s preservation has 4-5 missing frames at some reel breaks. Which I learned by…

Separating the film into reels. Which I should have done to each version immediately. So now I have 13 Premiere sequences (15 if you count the main sequence and Jedi Rocks’ subsequence), each much more manageable. I’m not planning on outputting a video to replace WG, it’s much easier for me to scrub through the main 4K83/19SE, find a frame I like, turn all all of the other versions one by one to see if they’re noticeably different in any of them, then turning them off. I have a base layer of “NOT IN”, and a “1983/1997” overlay, so I just take the screenshot from inside Premiere and move on. It’s much easier than WG, where I’d have to take all the shots in VLC, then bring them into Photoshop and remember why I took the shot and crop it and overlay it. I’m baking in the overlay so that the next time Red Letter Media uses one of my images in their video, I get credit. 😉

For organization, I’m separating each change into its reel and using that Google Sheets spreadsheet of every shot in the film, the one by… checks notes you (thanks!), which I numbered and am using a four digit code in the file name so that they’re sorted in the right order (example: SW6-0001-Fox 2019).

It’s 11SE where the Fox logo comes late, not 19SE. All of the other versions have the logo fully faded in before 11SE starts, then they all fade out and LFL starts fading in. 11SE Fox logo finishes fading out and LFL pops on screen not having time for its fade. The fanfare is noticeably off sync to the Fox logo in 11SE.