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The End of the Jedi (2-in-1 of Ep. 8 and 9) (V1 Released)
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15-Mar-2021, 7:03 PM

Here is the clip I mentioned above, where Luke travels to the Force Plane to meet with Leia.

The VFX in this clip took by far the most work in this edit. And because I’m very new to VFX they still look kinda rough. I think the rotoscoping stands out as being the worst part. I used the rotobrush in after effects, which worked, but was very finicky because the background is basically the same color as the characters, so it was hard to separate the two. Any help with this aspect would be appreciated.

Also I think it’s a cool moment between our characters where we see Luke feeling some regret in not being there for Leia, and using that as his motivation to take action and finally commit to burning down the old jedi tree.