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The End of the Jedi (2-in-1 of Ep. 8 and 9) (V1 Released)
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11-Mar-2021, 3:43 PM

CMMAP said:

So, i watched it in full. Other than my two notes, i’ve to say it works really well.

  • 33:15, odd change of scenery from exegol to the force talk of rey and kylo. But that’s me, i think it is possible to get used to it

Yeah I noticed this is a little abrupt. Maybe I could find an establishing shot to put in here. Of Rey walking, or the island at night.

  • luke destroying the supremacy is a really nice idea, but i not sure it works narrative wise because in the last battle on exegol we never see her (of course we know she still exists in your edit up to this point) and suddenly luke is attacking her through the force. My thoughts though

I could try to find some way to add a clip of the supremacy into the battle over exegol, but it will be hard to get the background to look like it’s actually on exegol. If I can’t get something that looks close to seamless I would rather just live with the inconsistency, rather than adding in a new problem.

Regarding your question with encode settings: i think most of the bigger editors use always „crf“ of 18 to 20 and two pass (if there want to achieve a non-noticable compression regarding picture quality) rather than vbr.

Thanks, maybe I’ll experiment with this next time I render it out.