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Star Wars Prequels 35mm 4K Filmized Editions by Emanswfan (a WIP)
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11-Mar-2021, 12:57 PM

I’ll try and cap the bitrate for future previews, I just tend to render larger files for previews for internal purposes.

Anyhow, computer isn’t holding up so much these days as it creates a burning smell now if I try and do anything too resource intensive, but I should hopefully have a new machine by sometime this summer, which will be a beast of a desktop, and will be ridiculously more powerful than any machine I’ve personally owned in the past. A full TPM release will be ready soon after, the project files are just sitting on an SSD waiting to be rendered.

In the meantime, here’s a screencap I edited with my latest grade PRIOR to adding the print film emulation or film grain. I graded it to the german theatrical release as reference with further adjustments to give it more clarity.

TPM grade 01