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RocketJump's Video on Star Wars "being saved in the edit" is Literally a Lie (*no, it is not)
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10-Mar-2021, 9:18 PM
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6-Nov-2021, 9:02 AM
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I remember watching that video awhile ago and actually thinking it was cool and informative and it’s used all over the place to try and prove the whole “George Lucas bad” campaign.

Then I came across this video. This really well-researched and thought out video that actually has credible sources and shows them really well… and it basically proves that RocketJump’s video is a bunch of lying, bias nonsense with misdirection and misinformation across the board. - (Mod Edit: a 2 hour video from the Nerdonymous youtube channel, titled ‘How “How Star Wars was saved in the edit” was saved in the edit (sort of, but not really)’).

So uh, yeah… Goerge Lucas didn’t suck and it wasn’t the editors that created Star Wars.



Mod Edit - 15th March: for clarity and a forewarning… the Nerdonymous video states the RocketJump video is “simply an attempt to discredit George Lucas” - and spends 2 hours attempting to discredit the RJ video in an abrupt, mocking and patronising manner - along with showing animals repeatedly defecating in it. The Nerdonymous video is aimed at appealing to pro-George Lucas fans out there, takes aim at OT fan preservations and later claims some fans “they want to burn him (Lucas) to the ground” & “they want to take everything away from him (Lucas)”.

The RocketJump video is… ‘‘A video essay exploring how Star Wars’ editors recut and rearranged Star Wars: A New Hope to create the cinematic classic it became and is about the power and effects of film editing in general. The RJ video does feature a few factual errors - though some of Nerdanyomous claims and statements in his video are obviously nothing to do with RocketJump… but his issues with fans he considers not to like George Lucas - or fans seemingly acknowledging or praising others’ contributions to the making of the Original Trilogy.

“I think George’s ‘ace in the hole’ was that he surrounded himself with an incredible team of people to work with, and listening and collaborating with them to help refine his incredible vision.”

^ The RocketJump video in summing up - which not only applies to the editing of the film - but also the overall making of Star Wars itself. (Not forgetting, of course, that near-on all films are ‘made’ / ‘saved’ in the editing process.)

The RJ video does NOT claim that ‘George Lucas sucks’ - or anything like, nor that ‘the editors created Star Wars’ - as the OP stated.