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Jurassic Park (1993) with complete restored John Williams score (WIP)
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10-Mar-2021, 8:36 PM
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11-Mar-2021, 9:54 AM
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I’m working on a project restoring all of the Williams score that was removed from Jurassic Park, shorly before the final release. Obviously the tracks were pulled for a reason, but now you can hear the movie as it was originally scored with 100% John Williams tracks restored. Speculation, but some were possibly removed for being too over the top, or setting the wrong mood for the scene, while rumor has it that first half of Raptors in the kitchen was removed for being too frightening. Since a majority of these score pieces were just “muted” out of the final cut, it was easy to drop them back in place. There will be a few challenges:

  • Removing the score when Ellie is attacked by the Raptor (repeated from her run to the generator shed). The track Hungry Raptor should belong there, hopefully without the the movie audio bleeding through
  • When Tim and lex are sneaking around the Kitchen a repeat of Ellie and Muldoon in the forest is played. This will have to be muted for the acutal Raptors in the kitchen cue
  • The “t-rex saves the day fanfare” will be replaced by the original cue from the score, a more sinister section.

The following scenes will have the removed score added back into it (and the corresponding soundtrack piece),:

  • Introduction to Dodgson (Entrance of Mr Hammond)
  • The Explorers approaching the T-rex fence (Eye to Eye)
  • Nedry reviewing the security cameras (The Saboteur)
  • Timmy approaching the Triceratops (Ailing Triceratops)
  • The first moments of the Explorer in the tree as it falls (The Falling Car and the T-rex Chase)
  • The ominous sounds as Malcolm hears the T-rex footsteps (The Falling Car and the T-rex Chase)
  • You Think They’ll have THAT on the Tour? (The Falling Car and the T-rex Chase)
  • Grant and the children approach the fence (High Wire Stunts)
  • Ellie is attacked by the Raptor (Hungry Raptor)
  • Raptors in the Kitchen (The Raptor attack)
  • The surprise arrival of the T-rex (T-rex Rescue and Finale)

For the last scene, I have inserted sound effects over the muted audio as I could not separate the “fanfare” dub from the scene. You can see it here:

I have the individual clips of the scenes in the movie that I’ve reinserted the audio into, but now I want to make a full movie version.
I have a low-quality 720p, 2channel rip that I used to share, but instead of confusing everyone with multiple releases, I will wait wait until I remake it with a 1080p source and a 5.1 soundtrack.

My YT channel where the individual scenes can be seen:

Lastly, is there an ideal place to share this when it’s done? This is my first contribution, and in the past I’ve had people download a torrent file that was being seeded by my own PC, but not sure if there is a protocol here.