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Info: How many Disney 35mm scans exist?
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10-Mar-2021, 1:41 PM

Class316 said:

RU.08 said:

I’ll be doing Lion King hopefully this year, hopefully we’ll be re-scanning SOTS sometime and BATB hopefully later in the year from a better print. I’ll also be digitising several classics this year from a collection, we’re just working out how best to get the films cleaned first and then they’ll all be transferred en-mass (or as we can afford to) and I should be able to share with donors. For example, we can scan 3 or 4 distinctly separate Snow White prints on 35 and 16mm. There’s something like 20 prints probably covering about 8 classics we can scan in that collection.

I’m still hamstring by funding though.

Lion King would be so awesome and so needed!

Regarding Snow White, I believe Thunderbean did it


Sleeping Beauty as well


But Sleeping Beauty is 1959… whereas Cinderella is 1950? So which is right? Does anyone know?