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Midichlorians Are Not The Force
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7-Mar-2021, 1:59 AM
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I think it’s pretty clear that each film does damage to the simplicity and mysticism of the original (let’s say Cosmic) Force:

ANH: The Force is a mystical energy field which binds the galaxy together. It is not necessarily tied to bloodlines and in fact is heavily implied to be available to anyone: ‘May the Force be with you.’
ESB: The Dark Side is now called that by the villains unironically, is now tied purely to ‘negative’ emotions, and the Force is strongly implied to be tied to specific bloodlines.
ROTJ: The Force is almost certainly carried by bloodlines, the Dark Side is implied to be alluring to the point of being a brainwashing spell, and the most powerful ability in the galaxy is shooting lightning at someone.

TPM: The Force is scientifically detectable as a marker in a person’s blood.
AOTC: Now even shooting lightning at someone isn’t special. A master of the Force famed for his pacifist view of the Force needs a weapon.
ROTS: The most powerful Force user in the galaxy is reduced to using a weapon and spinning like a beyblade. Becoming a Force Ghost is now an unlockable Jedi perk.

TFA: Inherited Force powers are unambiguously confirmed, doubly so considering Rey’s retcon.
TLJ: The Force is reduced by the villain to a mathematical equation and this is never refuted, only confirmed.
TROS: The most powerful Force user in the galaxy can be defeated by two(2) lightsabers.

Conclusion: Blood is stronger than the Cosmic Force, and some things (lightsabers) are stronger than blood.