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The Rise of Skywalker: Ascendant (Released)
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4-Mar-2021, 3:44 PM

Looking at the De-Blued Luke comparison, I like the partially de-blued look (which I believe is what is in V1?). Maybe I’m thinking of the Special Editions or something, but I feel like Force Ghosts have always had a blueish glow to them. 100% de-blued just seems like, “Oh, hi Mark [Hamill]. I thought you were dead?” Seriously though, the wig looks so stupid after jonh’s haircut version. It’s like Podracing said - I never noticed it in the theatrical; but now that I’ve seen the improvement, y’all have ruined the movie for me.

With the Luke dialogue, what’s currently in V1 is: “Because you’re a Palpatine. Rey, some things are stronger than blood. Confronting your fears [blah blah blah]” yes? I think it’s fine in context. It’s implied that he means who she is (as a person) is more than just some DNA she inherited from her grandPalpy; I don’t think it has to be explicitly stated. I like Hal’s idea of “Some things are stronger than blood: your spirit, your heart. If you don’t face Palpatine, it’ll mean the end of the Jedi,” but I don’t think it’s necessary.

For the Ahch-To color grade, I’m inclined to agree with the others. Night looks really good so far (maybe we could make the Ghost Luke a little brighter, to show that he’s actually glowing against the darkness? Symbolism!!), but I don’t like the sunset. For one, it just makes the whole first part “orange sky, orange light, orange fire…” it feels very monochromatic. For another, the timeline feels very rushed. It feels like night only lasts about 25 seconds on Ahch-To. If it were all nighttime until the end, I think it would flow better.

Also, I still like the idea of a purple sunrise in honor of Leia, but that may just be me.