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Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker Redux Ideas thread
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4-Mar-2021, 8:51 AM

Regarding the Kylo/Falcon/Dice scene, I’ve created two variations. I originally posted the first one in Hal’s Ascendant thread - it features a new establishing shot I made of the Falcon interior, followed by a shadowy figure entering the cockpit and pulling Han’s dice (that we can assume Luke hung back up in TLJ) down from the Falcon.

I also was working on a Kylo-focused version, using the fantastic cleaned footage provided by 21C Peasant. The color grading I did could probably be cleaned up a bit, and the biggest problem would be tracking the red cracks onto Kylo’s helmet - I’d definitely need help with that, but the new shadowy coloring might help to hide any seams - and there’s an issue with the lights turning on behind the dice between cuts. But I dunno, maybe it has potential?

Interestingly, I realized that I don’t like it if we both see Kylo, and see the dice being taken down. It feels way too on the nose for me. So in the first version, there’s at least some visual ambiguity of “Oooh, who just took the dice?” In the second version, I inserted a shot I extended of the dice, and then cut to Kylo rejoining his officers. It’s then a question of “Did Kylo take the dice? Or did he abandon “Han” yet again?” After the Death Star fight, we’d see that, yup, he did take them after all! And that will be the key to Han appearing again.

Or, if you still hate the dice, the shot could easily be removed. (Which would make the sequence easier to edit, honestly.)