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The Rise of Skywalker: Ascendant (Released)
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3-Mar-2021, 10:16 PM
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EDIT: Hal beat me to it. Let’s use his list, for obvious reasons.

Here’s everything I could think of that’s still in development/discussion for V2. Jump in if I’ve missed anything, and I’ll edit it into this comment:

  • Pasana Puppet Show (In development)
  • Potentially recoloring Ahch-To to go from nighttime to sunrise? (Discussion – I don’t think we decided one way or the other. I personally like the idea though. Plus, if the sky becomes purple at sunrise, it would symbolize Leia’s new lightsaber color.)
  • Finishing lightsaber crackle effects (In development – God bless the heroes working on this one)
  • Lightsabers fizzling out near the end of the Death Star battle, and after Palpatine’s defeat (In development, I think? I remember seeing a test clip, possibly done by MR?)
  • Maybe incorporating the Kylo on the Falcon deleted scene, if we can figure out a way to add the red cracks in the mask.

Things that have been finalized after a lot of discussion the last few dozen pages, and that we don’t need to bring up anymore:

  • Palpatine’s plan and the Snoke connection (Palpatine has been “Every voice” in Kylo’s head. Palpatine hasn’t “always” wanted Rey alive since birth; but he decides to use her as a vessel after Ben reforms.)
  • Poe used to be a spice runner
  • Rey and Kylo have “become” a Dyad - pending updates (basically implying that their connection has grown in strength since the last movie, rather than them being some arbitrary “Dyad” entity from birth)
  • And whatever else has already been incorporated into V2.