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The Rise of Skywalker: Ascendant (Released)
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3-Mar-2021, 9:03 PM

Jar Jar Bricks said:

sherlockpotter said:

With or without the dice, like I said, “remastering” the deleted scene to be TROS-compatible is beyond my skill set, but I’d love to help how I can!

I’d imagine all you would really need to do is add some glowing red cracks to his helmet, as well as change the snowy exterior in the Falcon’s cockpit to something like a First Order hanger bay. Would be a really cool scene to include imo.

Well I don’t know how to do that, Jar. Jar. Sheesh!

Of course, there would be a couple of problems that likely couldn’t be solved:

  1. Kylo’s TFA outfit is slightly different than his TROS one. Also, he isn’t seen anywhere else in TROS with his hood up.
  2. Why are there snow troopers on the falcon? Of course, you could argue they are there because Kijimi is cold and they are troops from Kijimi. But I’d imagine the troops boarding the falcon would be returning from their mission on Pasaana, not Kijimi.

My headcanon of the scene was that Kylo was kind of sneaking onto the ship to get the dice that Luke left there, because he didn’t want anyone in the First Order to see his “weakness.” So he went in, hood up. There’s a shot in the deleted scene of him pulling his hood down. You’d replace the shot of the Stormtroopers with that establishing shot of the Falcon interior I created, cut to (Luke’s) back as he approaches the cockpit, cut to the deleted scene of Kylo pulling his hood down. Grabs the dice that Luke hung up. Badda bing, badda boom. You’ve got a character beat.