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The Rise of Skywalker: Ascendant (Released)
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1-Mar-2021, 5:49 PM
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But, like, why would Snoke bother to take credit for bridging their minds then? What does he get out of it? Is he just trying to brag about how powerful his is (when we see him do loads of other powerful things in this very scene anyway)? Does it prevent them from finding out about the Dyad (until Kylo just “knows” in the next film anyway, so whoop dee doo, that was worth it.)?

Plus, I don’t like the idea that both Snoke’s plan and Palpy’s plan only were able to happen because they could exploit this random-ass Dyad connection. That feels lazy. And convenient. (Two terms used to describe any quality story.) At least if Snoke does it, it gives him some agency in the story.

Plot wise, we have an established fact - Snoke bridged their minds. It’s yet another thing that TROS tries to retcon. Does anyone care (no offense, Jar Jar) that the novelization says Rey “downloaded” combat training from Kylo’s brain? When he manually tried to probe her mind anyway? Is this The Matrix? Poe doesn’t have Kylo Ren Combat Training DLC. He was probed too, after all. “Mind downloading” is not established at all in the film. Can’t Rey just be a good fighter of her own accord? Kylo asking about a random girl doesn’t imply some phophecized connection; it implies that there’s a girl in the story.

And what does it matter what Kylo said in lines that were cut from the film? Again, who cares?

And thematically, it serves to make Rey less important as a character. She’s not powerful because of her strength of character, or because of the choices she makes, or because of how she responds to a situation. She’s powerful because she’s a mythical Dyad! Look how special she is, arbitrarily! It could’ve happened to anyone, but it makes Rey special. Why didn’t Poe become a Dyad when Kylo probed his mind? Because he’s not born special. Hey kids, do you want to be important? You’ve gotta be born as a Dyad then. You weren’t? That sucks.

It’s the same reason why I don’t like Rey Palpatine. It makes her special because of what she is, not who she is. At least if she “becomes” a Dyad along the way, that’s mitigated somewhat. If she’s born a Dyad AND a Palpatine, she becomes a double-chosen one. How compelling. Factor that in with undoing yet another Last Jedi ret-con, and that’s the value of making them “become” a Dyad.

(I’m not trying to offend anyone who likes the Dyad concept. I just don’t like ret-cons, and I’m also passionate about Star Wars. Kinda just started typing there and waited to see where I’d end up.)