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Knight of Kalee
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Canon & Legends: The Multi-Split Timeline
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1-Mar-2021, 11:06 AM

Interesting perspectives! This was a fun read.

As a marginal note, Sifo-Dyas in both timelines is dead around the timeframe of The Phantom Menace (the Clone Wars one is an illusion). The really muddled stuff is when Dooku fell to the dark side.

  • In EU, Dooku is still on the Order during TPM, with Qui-Gon’s death a breaking point for him. Then he comes to serve Sidious, kills and supplants Sifo-Dyas and deletes the Kamino archives to hide his tracks.
  • In DC, Dooku leaves the Order more or less eight years before TPM, and apparently by the time that movie takes place he is already corrupted by Sidious.