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Lucas the Barbarian
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If you need to B*tch about something... this is the place
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1-Mar-2021, 1:10 AM
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My family and I finally upgraded to a 4K TV about two months ago, and while we were testing it out, I mentioned Filmmaker Mode and how its purpose is to turn off all the unnecessary filters so that the content looks exactly the way the creators intended (not just movies, but everything that’s not video games). When I turned it on, I was expecting them to start complaining about how iT’S ToO DaRk and all that, but I wasn’t expecting all of them to actually start talking about how Filmmaker Mode is the ONLY unnatural image setting. I tried explaining that it’s called FILMMAKER Mode because it’s supposed to make things look the way the FILMMAKER intended, and…they all looked at me like I was on crack.

I thought about sarcastically saying something like “Oh yEaHhHhHhHhHhH! Christopher Nolan didn’t know what he was doing when he filmed Dunkirk. All the guys who spent countless man hours color grading and calibrating everything down to the finest detail to their preferences in post production didn’t know what they were doing. Only the TV manufacturers are right! The way Dunkirk looked when you saw it in the theater WASN’T THE WAY THE FILMMAKERS INTENDED! THE TV MANUFACTURERS ARE RIGHT, THE FUCKING CREATORS ARE WRONG!!!” I never thought there could possibly be anyone who actually thought that.

And then…I stumbled across THIS pretentious douchebag’s video.

I totally understand that not everyone completely understands or is familiar with Filmmaker Mode yet, since it’s relatively new and they’ve been conditioned to just take their TVs out of the box, set them up, and that’s it, and they’ve gotten used to the overly bright, smoothed out, OT 2004 master-ish look of modern TVs, and 24fps or 30fps might look jarring to them, but this guy…THIS GUY…this guy HAS to be on crack if he’s making a video actively BLAMING THE CONTENT CREATORS and praising the TV manufacturers for getting it right and “fixing” the filmmakers’ perceived “laziness”. As far as I know, shooting actual feature length theatrical films at 60fps is extremely expensive, which is why it rarely ever happens. The filmmakers aren’t lazy - they’re RIGHT. It’s the TV manufacturers who’ve needed to step up their game for about 8 years now and finally are.

I mean, just look at what DrDre, Williarob, Harmy and company are doing right now - they’re spending time, money, and energy they will never get back into color-grading, manipulating, calibrating and perfecting a project that ultimately a few people will ever be able to see. When you watch Despecialized (and really any fan project from this site) on a modern TV in “Standard” mode, all those years of hard work they put into the project goes down the Sarlacc Pit. It’s the equivalent of preparing a high-quality haute cuisine dish, and then someone coming in and pouring ketchup all over it.

Sorry if that came across as SammyClassicSonicFan-ish, I just needed to get that out of my system since nobody else would listen to me.