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27-Feb-2021, 7:57 PM
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imperialscum said:

Omni said:

Pretty sure George didn’t give a shit about him either, hence how he died on ROTJ. I must say, with as much Boba Fett fanboy-ism going on after Mando, I like his silly death scene more and more - we shouldn’t be thinking too much of the bad guys, focus on the heroes, dammit!

Having some cliché grand duel for Boba Fett’s death would be boring and stupid in my opinion. I think they way his death was done in ROTJ was great actually. It is kind of a homage to how some of the famous gunslingers of the old west died (e.g., Wild Bill was shot in the back, etc.). It kinda points to the fact that, in the end, no matter how good and skilled your are, eventually your luck will run out and one bad luck moment and you are gone in this kind of business.

He didn’t have to die screaming and then have the Sarlacc burp, though.

canofhumdingers said:

Second, he DOES do some cool stuff in ESB. He actually talks back to Darth Vader. Twice! And he gets away with it! All while imperial officers are dropping like flies for the slightest infractions throughout the movie. Plus he sees through Solo’s trick. He looks AWESOME. He even SOUNDS awesome (adding the spur sound effects to his walk was a stroke of genius). He’s this intimidating, mysterious “Clint Eastwood/man with no name” “strong silent type” guy in a cool armor suit who does a super cool job (bounty hunting) and even has to get singled out by the big man himself to be explicitly warned not to disintegrate his target!

I completely agree, and it bothers me to no end that people think Boba Fett looks cool, does nothing, and then dies. People need to rewatch the damn movie.

Boba Fett also outsmarts Han Solo. In a lesser movie, it might come off like the Empire are morons for letting Han hide in their trash, and Han’s a dumbass for letting himself get followed. But it comes off like Han’s a genius for thinking of disguising the Falcon as trash, where the Empire isn’t going to look, and Boba Fett’s an even bigger genius for seeing that coming.

Boba Fett also hears Luke cock his gun, which is a minor cool moment if you notice it.

I sort of blame the Special Editions for people thinking Boba Fett is lame. There’s a lot of people who have only heard the subservient, weak Boba Fett, and not the intimidating Man With No Name Boba Fett who’s Darth Vader’s equal. No shade to Temuera Morrison, he’s great, but it sounds like they only did one take. Plus Lucas’s awful direction.