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The Rise of Skywalker Expanded Edition by Rae Carson: The Faraday Edit (WIP)
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27-Feb-2021, 8:13 AM

Fifth chapter:
Password: CaptainFaraday


  • Kylo doesn’t reforge the helmet. Removing it in TLJ signified he was no longer Ben Solo hidden under Kylo Ren, but Kylo Ren all the way through. There’s no reason to walk backwards on that visual metaphor, especially when Kylo loses the helmet later in TROS prior to his redemption anyway.
  • Removed Kylo Ren not liking Pryde being unafraid of him. Instead, it’s implied that Pryde is fiercely loyal to whoever is the Supreme Leader.
  • Kylo now chokes General Quinn viciously with the Force, instead of flipping him up onto the roof like a pinball.
  • Changed the spelling of Aki-Aki to Acky Acky, to match the spelling in the screenplay.
  • The puppet show is now about Luke’s heroic stand on Crait.
  • Made Kylo grabbing the necklace through the Force Connection unintentional. It doesn’t make sense that he’d do it on purpose, because neither of them are aware of this skill yet.
  • Broke chapter 5 in half and moved Kylo’s scene on the Star Destroyer up so it flows immediately on from the Force Connection.
  • Implied Thrawn’s database of local art and culture is what allowed the First Order to immediately identify a random necklace from an obscure planet. Kylo also learns Rey is on Pasaana in the Force connection, to narrow the search and make the rapidity with which they find her more believable.
  • Rey’s thoughts when Lando is revealed talk about his wide net of connections to vastly different spheres of influence because of the different stages of his life - smugglers, statesmen, businessmen etc. This sets up for the climax how and why he’d be able to reach such a huge array of people so quickly.