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The Rugrats Movie - Color Grading Project (WIP)
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26-Feb-2021, 8:05 AM
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26-Feb-2021, 8:14 AM
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There was a thread about this made way back in 2017 by myself, going under a different name while quite inexperienced in this sort of thing. Probably could’ve continued that thread, but I really wanted to start fresh.

I’ve personally never been a big fan of how the original Rugrats Movie looks. Something about the colors has always been off to me; interestingly, original trailer footage reveals a quite different color palette.

In my opinion, this looks miles better than the home video release; I’m entirely unsure how it looked in theatres, but I’d love to know; a camrip does exist, however I don’t have a copy of it. (Anyone who saw it in back in 98 have any memory?)

My goal with this project is to come as close to the original color palette as possible, and fill in the blanks for what footage isn’t available in trailers; frankly, I’m not amazingly experienced with color grading, but here’s some quick proof of concept pieces I threw together tonight in Sony Vegas. Nowhere near as good as I’d like, but a start for sure.

As I said, color grading isn’t something I’m super experienced with, but I’m happy to learn for a project that I’m passionate about. I have to ask though, does anyone know of the best software for color grading? I’ve been using Vegas for years, but I’m not opposed to other software if it yields better results.

I’m not sure yet if I’d be using a 4:3 transfer or 16:9 (hence using both in the early mockup), they have different framing and I’m not sure which I prefer. 16:9 is more likely, as I don’t think an HD 4:3 transfer exists anywhere.