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The Rise of Skywalker: Ascendant (Released)
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24-Feb-2021, 5:24 PM

Brewzter said:

I think that’s the whole point, right? The First Order had scared the galaxy into submission at that point. Luke’s arc in TLJ was about accepting his status as the legend the galaxy needs- no one showed up to help the Resistance on Crait, but after Luke’s mythical stand-off with the First Order, his legend was back stronger than ever and it inspired the entire galaxy to rise up.

I think it’s cool how the general galaxy has an arc where they became complacent after the relatively small Rebellion took down the Empire, and ignored the warning signs of fascism coming back. The New Republic is wiped out, fascism returns, and the people are terrified. It’s the legend of Luke that inspires them to realize they can’t just rely on the Resistance as they did with the Rebellion, and everyone stands up across the galaxy. It’s a pretty relevant and important message to the real world right now too.

That is a cool idea but it’s frustrating how much the theatrical versions just keep TELLING us this is what’s happening rather than SHOWING any part of it happen.

For example, how does anyone other than the handful of folks on Crait know about Luke’s actions? I’m assuming none of the First Order troops are raving about it. So assuming the Republic survivors can’t stop talking about it, but is there enough of them to spread the story across the galaxy that quickly and convincingly? Probably not because you could fit all the survivors in the Falcon with room to spare. Was there video? If not, does the Republic fabricate something to broadcast as propaganda? Getting the word out would be an interesting story. I’m not asking for a spinoff movie, but doing the barest minimum (like having some kind of broadcast of Luke on Crait) to make the audience not have to suspend a huge amount of disbelief would have gone a LONG way. Pics or it didn’t happen, as I believe the kids say these days.

So some extra inset shots of Star Destroyers showing up over planets or other people listening to Palpatine’s broadcast or watching Luke’s sacrifice would have really sold things to the audience.

(And just as an aside, I know SW plays fast & loose with time & distance and all that, but it never struck me as realistic to think nobody showed up to Crait just because they were afraid of the First Order. Considering how close Kylo & Co were to Crait, the window of opportunity for someone to come to Leia’s aid before their attack, from getting a distress call completely out of the blue, was pretty small, putting it charitably.)