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The Decimator
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Info: Films re-released with alterations
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24-Feb-2021, 11:29 AM

The Muppets came to Disney+ recently, and, wouldn’t you know it, they’ve been edited to hell and back! Not only is The Muppet Show edited to remove “copyright infringing” material, but there are two episodes missing entirely. Namely, the Brooke Shields one, and the one hosted by Chris Langham (for those of you that don’t live in Britain, he was a comedian who got arrested for looking up child porn on his computer).

As for their theatrical releases, they made it through mostly intact. The only exception is The Muppet Christmas Carol, probably one of the best adaptations of the story. What’s so offensive about this timeless classic? Well, they removed the character of Bobby Benson’s trademark cigarette in a scene that only lasts for about two seconds. Keep in mind that this scene appears intact on Blu-Ray releases. Also note that this character’s appearances in the TV show have not been edited at all, so why they erased it in this one scene baffles me.