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Captain Marvel, hoping to make carol a bit more likeable for those who hate her. (COMPLETED)
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23-Feb-2021, 2:08 PM
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23-Feb-2021, 2:09 PM
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LeperMessiah117 said:

Captain Marvel really hamfisted the “girl-power” thing in to the point where Carol Danvers was pretty annoying at several points in the film.

yes, ham fisted is a good way to describe it. I want to keep in the girl power as an underlying theme, but just tone it down a bit. or maybe a lot. we’ll see how it goes XD

Artan42 said:

I had no problem with her being arrogant and condescending. I also had no problems with Strange and Stark being arrogant and condescending. The problem I had was the latter two were allowed to also be funny whereas Danvers wasn’t. Though that’s probably because she spent most of the film not knowing who she was.

That’s a good point. the comedy does tend to soften the arrogance quite a bit.