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Fantasia's 'Fantasound' Manual Recreation (WIP)
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23-Feb-2021, 9:23 AM

After reading through again it sounds like my scope is more of “remaking the dolby surround” track using a standard 5.0/5.1 channel setup. Since Terry Porter was working with the same two channels we have access to this would be like a refresh, trying to emulate the directional sound using an keyframed surround panner. As others have said, the DVD mix wasnt very good and the 7.1 mix wasnt much better, but I feel there is a lot of potential here. Still is a shame the original stems are long gone.

Although I am curious if anyone has recorded a modern classical performance for Surround/Atmos yet, because that would essentially be a modern Fantasound, at least the Mark II version. As said in the write-up “Separate channels recorded close pick-ups of violins, cellos and basses, violas, brass, woodwinds, and tympani. The seventh channel recorded a mixture of the first six channels and the eighth channel recorded a distant pick-up of the entire orchestra.” Seems like that would be very easy on a recording today.


Mark I - 3 front horns, two rear…essentially a modern day 5.0 system
Mark II - 3 front horns, two rear, two sides, one top… a hybrid 7.0/atmos system
Mark IV - automated TOGAD of Mark II
Mark VI - reduced back to 3 front horns. First Fantasia Dub
Mark X - added back the two rear horns to the Mark VI system, and used on roadshows…again a 5.0 mix