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KBJ Comix
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Help Wanted: PolyGram Films (1997-1999) Logo Restoration
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23-Feb-2021, 12:11 AM

SpacemanDoug said:

KBJ Comix said:

If saving up on a 35mm scan of the logo is too much for you, you might as well save up on a Shout Select Blu-ray of the 1998 black comedy Very Bad Things, just to source the theatrical trailer from it, which could possibly have the PolyGram Films logo at the beginning, even though it only lasts a fraction of a second. But it’s hard to tell whether it has the PolyGram logo or the plastered Initial Entertainment Group (IEG) logo played at the beginning, but we won’t know until the truth sets in.

Blu-ray Available for Purchase:

based on the VHS opening, the IEG logo was always there and the Polygram logo was added before it, don’t know if Shout’s blu-ray restores it though

Well it doesn’t show the PolyGram logo on the main feature, which only plasters it with the IEG logo. Same could be said for the trailer, but it could be possible for the PolyGram logo to appear at the beginning of the trailer. But won’t know until the trailer from the Blu-ray is sourced/uploaded.