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23-Feb-2021, 12:05 AM

I recently completed work on a new personal edit of Army of Darkness that I have come to call the “Jack and Shit Edition”. Since I have no intentions at this moment to share the edit online, I thought I’d just mention it here rather than make a whole thread about it.

The idea isn’t too dissimilar to previous edits, to make a long cut that combines the ‘best’ elements of multiple cuts into one. Additionally, my intention was to create an edit that is almost 100% faithful to the film (so I have removed very little footage, overall) and to have a longer cut that is Ash Vs Evil Dead friendly in terms of the film’s multiple endings. I used the Director’s cut from the Scream Factory release as a base and edited in segments of the Theatrical cut from the same set where desired. Changelist is as follows:

  • The colour of the Director’s cut has been slightly dulled across the board for the DC footage to better match the TC. The change has helped to blend the 2 versions more seemlessly, but I am not an expert on colour alteration. While it has helped considerably, I have also had to tweak the colours more extensively on a scene-by-scene basis to match up the footage to the best of my limited abilities.

  • The Dino De Laurentiis Communications production card has been reinserted whereas it has been removing, seemingly, from most versions of the film starting with the DVD era going forward. This was added for my own nostalgia of watching the film on VHS as a kid.

  • An extended version of the soundtrack was used for the opening of the film, using the Prologue track from the OST. The score now plays over the Universal and Dino De Laurentiis Communications production cards and have also been sped up to sync with the score mixed into the film’s audio track. This, I feel, lends to an even more epic feeling right from when the film starts up.

  • The TC version of the She-Bitch fight is retained, purely for the reason that the DC lacks the score present in the TC.

  • The TC version of “Gimme some sugar, baby” has been retained, so no hanky-panky sex scene or Sheila wrapping a blanket around Ash’s shoulders. This is done partially for pacing, but also because I don’t like showing Ash having a ‘good time’ more than is absolutely necessary. Plus, it’s been inferred through dialogue that they bone, we get it. We don’t really need to see it.

  • As other edits have done, the DC version of the Little Ashes scene has been restored with the score with the OST. I had to trim a bit here and there to make the footage and score sync up just right, but no more than 2 seconds of the scene is missing.

  • “Good, bad, I’m the guy with the gun” is retained over “I ain’t that good”.

  • The TC of the Graveyard skeletal “3 Stooges” shenanigans is retained over the DC version. Partially for pacing, but also because why would Ash bother taking time to tear off that skeleton’s arm? Just get the hell out of there!

  • “Yeah, and I’m a Chinese jet pilot…” is retained over “I need more men”.

  • The scene of Arthur’s men preparing to fire explosive arrows at the army of darkness has been trimmed for pacing. Only about 7 seconds of the bowmen holding their arrows have been removed, but the pacing is slightly improved for it.

  • The TC’s ending is retained for continuity with Ash Vs Evil Dead. I have always preferred the original post-apocalyptic ending over the S-Mart ending. I believe that the original is a more suitable ending for the trilogy, but now that AVED has a similar sort ending, I don’t mind putting AoD’s “I slept too long!” ending aside.

  • The Amboy Dukes track “Journey to the Center of the Mind” is used for the ending credits.

  • A modern “Renaissance Pictures” production card is attached post-credits.

This is not a complete overhaul of the film, mostly just scene or music swapping with tinkering to the colouring and the pace of some scenes, so it wasn’t a grueling project by any means. I’m still happy with it, the best editing project I have ever completed. It’s certainly good enough to be the first fanedit project of mine to talk about online, anyway. Just showed my dad the edit and he couldn’t detect any obvious editing seams, so I’m definitely happy about that.