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21-Feb-2021, 12:58 AM

I grew up watching a VHS tape with all 3 films recorded off HBO in SLP mode (terrible quality). I later graduated to a VHS trilogy box set and then another VHS trilogy box set (remastered?) and then went to see the Special Edition versions in the theater which would foreshadow my disillusionment with the prequels. I naively thought surely the original theatrical cuts would be preserved for future generations.

Well, I fell out of love with Star Wars, got obsessed with Blade Runner (again through VHS), watched that too many times, and rediscovered THX 1138 which I was too young to appeeciate the first time I saw it. Now I’m less concerned with the OT being lost, but the original cut of THX 1138 which appears to be out of print. I have what appears to be a VHS rip or maybe laserdisc rip on a harddrive, but I feel it needs a loving restoration without the extraneous low-quality additions Lucas made.

Anyway, I signed up here after watching The People vs. George Lucas in the hopes of finding other people who care about THX 1138 as much as I do. I still love the Star Wars trilogy and always will. Those films are etched into my subconscious and are fun to revisit once in a while when it’s possible to avoid the Special Editions.

Anyway, I don’t exclusively like sci-fi, I like all kinds of great cinema and I’m a music lover.

This has been my introductory post. If any other THX lovers out there want to direct me to the proper discussion thread, please do. Otherwise I’ll just browse and read and maybe chime in.