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21-Feb-2021, 12:16 AM
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NFBisms said:

It’s hilarious and sad to me how people on the internet, like in this thread, only ever become friendly and civil when another party agrees with them, and then they can pat each other on the back for being so “objectively right” together.

“Like in this thread”? I enjoy having civil disagreements and talking things out with people. Just because someone believes in objective quality doesn’t mean they can’t agree to disagree on something. I came to this site to get away from echo chambers, but it really seems like you’re doing that whole “patting each other on the back” thing right now.

You guys all eviscerated the prequels for years. This place was known as a center of George Lucas hate. And that’s not something I’ve ever approved of, but now it’s like you’ve gone in the opposite direction and are refusing to acknowledge the existence of bad movies. It feels hypocritical. I enjoy the prequels for what they are, but I’m fully aware that they’re poorly written, poorly constructed movies. And as I’ve said before, I think it’s important to point out bad writing when we see it, rather than trying to claim it doesn’t exist.