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19-Feb-2021, 10:22 PM
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Rodney-2187 said:

I’ve already seen opinions of TFA and TLJ improve.

I’ve actually seen the opposite happening. When TFA came out, it was met with an overwhelmingly positive reaction from the vast majority of people. As time has gone on, though, I’ve noticed that fan perception of the movie has soured. TLJ’s perception is still just as split between love and hate as it always was.

I think it’s important for love of a franchise to never be unconditional. We’re not obligated to love whatever new content a brand produces. Fans ought to be critical of subpar material when they see it. Otherwise, if corporations are able to put out content and have it be praised and profitable regardless of quality, then they’ll pay less and less attention to quality in the future. Star Wars content is not inherently good just because it’s Star Wars. The OT is revered because it’s a well made set of films. It had to earn that distinction. Modern Star Wars has been able to stand on the OT’s shoulders, coasting on fan good will and nostalgia while often not being able to stand on its own. We all want Star Wars to be the best it can be. We know it can be better than what it’s become now. There’s nothing wrong with calling attention to that.