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Unpopular Opinion Thread
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19-Feb-2021, 10:05 PM

The planet celebration montage added in the RotJ Special Edition is stupid and doesn’t make sense. It wraps up the story too neatly to the point of being unrealistic, while the original version is more open-ended. Palpatine is defeated, but that doesn’t necessarily mean the Empire is. And I always liked the EU version of events where the Empire falls apart due to infighting, but still exists in a fragmented, diminished form in later stories, being just one of many factions at work in the galaxy. That feels like a more realistic progression than that whole “Operation Cinder” business ending the Galactic Civil War within just a single year.

General Grievous is ridiculous. He should have never been brought over to live action.

Characters need to stay dead more often in Star Wars.

The added Cloud City windows trigger my OCD because of how they disappear between shots. They’re not worth existing if they create more continuity errors than the film originally had.