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Ultimate Star Wars Saga: Tribute to DuracellEnergizer
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19-Feb-2021, 12:26 AM

Servii said:

I like what you’re doing here. It looks like you’re creating a chronology using the OT as your basis. It’s a neat idea.

Thanks! I am perfectly willing to use good ideas from the Legends and even (dear God) the PT as long as they don’t contradict the OT. As an example; I certainly like the idea of powerful quasi-military organizations (such as The Trade Federation) developing towards the end of the Old Republic.

Were the Sith being persecuted by the Jedi or just the Republic in general?

The Jedi only. Put out a spark instead of a fire is the idea. The way I see it the Jedi who become the Sith essentially feel that they should rule due to their greater knowledge and power via training in The Force, whereas the Jedi prefer to remain advisors. A Gandalf vs. Saruman kind of thing.

At least at the start. I think later the Jedi become more integrated with the Republic Armed Forces as an elite corps (kind of like Delta Force, SAS etc. in our own world). This process would be gradual, but then accelerate during The Clone Wars.

I like the idea of Palpatine not being a Sith. He strikes me as someone who is so egotistical that he wouldn’t hold allegiance to any religion or culture at all. He would see himself as above that sort of thing.

A correct assessment of his character. No way would he ever lower himself to use a lightsaber!

To be honest, I’m not totally sure about the name “Xim the Despot.” Maybe something a little more grandiose sounding. I’d like to hear more about his character, though.

Mentioned in passing in the old Daley Han Solo novels from the 80s. The background info that I have for him is directly from those books.

That’s an interesting choice to have the Calamari as the second most developed species. I don’t remember which species has that position in canon, but I had assumed it was something like the Muuns or the Bith. I’m not an expert on that, though.

They provide the main capital ships for the Rebellion at The Battle of Endor, so it made sense to me to give them an extensive interstellar civilization. Sadly the design of their ships happens to be one of my least favourite designs from the OT. They look like giant space turds! 😁