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Prediction for Star Wars X, XI, and XII
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18-Feb-2021, 1:16 AM

Servii said:

I’m guessing that Lucasfilm will move away from numerical films in the future. I do think, eventually, we’ll get a set of films set in a post-TRoS galaxy (probably much further in the future) and those will basically be considered sequels to the Sequels, with the events of the nine episodes having all passed into legend. I’m betting the cast will be all new, but the story will likely fall into the same tired mold of “Dark Side rises again in some new form, heroes rise up to defeat it and restore balance.” The tone will probably start to move closer to the tone of the MCU, and the galaxy will be depicted as run down and fractured and Wild West-like rather than having a successful Republic.

This is almost a certainty. I honestly believe that they will reboot the whole franchise at some point - like “Ultimate Marvel” back in the day (is that still around?).