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The Rise of Skywalker: Ascendant (Released)
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17-Feb-2021, 11:41 PM

Brewzter said:

CaptainFaraday said:

Yours doesn’t seem to link to a video, at least for me - it links to the vimeo login page instead.

The other one prompts me for a password, which I don’t know.

Whoops! Just fixed it, but here it is again:

and the password for the other one is just fanedit

Holy hell, I can’t believe how well it works over all three versions. I was absolutely sure it wouldn’t work over the kiss, but it does.

Sidenote; Ben vanishing into the Force isn’t in Hal’s current edit (unless I’m misremembering) - is the intention to add it? I can’t tell if it would strengthen or weaken the Ben Force Ghost “reveal” on Tatooine at the end.

Also: does anyone have the Rey and Palpatine fight with the original soundtrack removed (preferably the version with the Force Ghosts added) which they could send to me? I really want to try out a different trailer-music-placement of my own.