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The Rise of Skywalker Expanded Edition by Rae Carson: The Faraday Edit (WIP)
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17-Feb-2021, 2:05 PM

You know what my understanding of it was ever since I saw that “dagger outlining the death star wreckage” moment in a theater?

There is the implication that it is an ancient sith dagger. There is the fact that it is completely ridiculous even by TROS standards that whoever made it would go all the way to the wreckage and shape the dagger the way the wreckage is shaped from that angle. There is the fact that Star Wars is mythical and has prophecies and premonitions and other such fantasy stuff.

So I have always just assumed (I don’t know what canon has to say), that it is ancient and the stars alligned that way because something something in-universe poetry, something something the force. It was never a logistics problem. For that matter, why did Palpatine store his pyramid macguffin in a side room on the death star throne room? That moment was also surreal to me. Perhaps he planned to rule from the death star going forward, instead of Coruscant? But anyway, out of all “wait what?” moments in TROS, the dagger-wreckage one is at least pretty neat. And also I like the idea that it was constructed long before the death star.