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Harry Potter and the Magical Touch of Editing (Released)
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17-Feb-2021, 2:02 PM
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17-Feb-2021, 2:07 PM
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I’ve always loved the Harry Potter books, but the movies have been pretty hit or miss for me. I watched Anjohan’s Revisited edits and found the tighter pacing so much more immersive, but they weren’t exactly what I was hoping for. I want to emphasize how fantastic his edits are!

The Revisited edits are excellent for what they are trying to be - more consistent darker tone for each movie, using music from the whole series throughout, adding more emotion through the music, keeping locations consistent, and tightening the pacing. But I wanted to make a new set of edits for a few reasons. I think a lot of the music doesn’t blend too well between movies, and I personally like how the earlier movies are a lot brighter and then darken as the years go on. Another issue I had was removing world-building magic to tighten the pacing. This kept the movie times shorter but I think it lost some of the fun.

So with all of that out of the way, I used Anjohan’s edits as heavy inspiration (often taking exact edits, especially with GoF), took some deleted scenes straight from JJPotters Extended Editions, and made a new series of edits.

My main goals:

  • Create light edits that don’t try to reimagine or create anything new, but rather just enhance the original movies
  • Remove small annoyances and some poor performances (Harry shushing Ron, Barty Crouch Jr tongue flicks, dumbing down Hagrid, etc)
  • Retain as much world building as possible (Clock in the Weasley’s home, monster roar at housekeeping in PoA, etc)
  • Keep the original music to their own movies, except for a few rare occasions
  • Tighten up action wherever I could
  • One last callout to Anjohan(Andreas), and JJPotter. I took a lot from their edits to make my own

If you are interested in watching, PM me.

Full list of edits:

Sorcerer’s Stone:

Original - 2:24 (2:32 with credits)
Edit - 2:20 (2:27 with credits)

  • Used the extended edition as a base
  • Trimmed Dumbledore turning out the streetlights so many times
  • Trimmed Dudley jumping down the stairs on top of Harry’s room
  • Trimmed some of the mail arriving section so it’s not so long
  • Trimmed Hagrid breaking down the door
  • Cut Hagrid thinking Dudley was Harry
  • Kept Hagrid and Harry’s train ride but trimmed a bit of the end
  • Trimmed Harry meeting Quirrell
  • Cut Hagrid fumbling for Harry’s key to the vault
  • Added some music to Harry asking about Voldemort and also cut Hagrid not being able to write it
  • Cut Hagrid saying that Voldemort is still out there instead of dead
  • Added Apparate sound effect when Hagrid leaves Harry at the station
  • Cut Malfoy trying to extend a hand to Harry. He just bullies them a bit and it’s over
  • Kept Snape’s alternate potions class but trimmed the end
  • Trimmed the first flying lesson a bit for the bad CGI and unnecessarily long scenes
  • Added a tiny bit of music when the trio meet Fluffy and escape. Also trim it so they don’t push the door closed with the dog pushing against them
  • Harry doesn’t say “I like this ball”
  • Cut Harry saying they need another feather
  • Cut Hermione telling Ron how to swish and flick when he saves Harry from the troll
  • Cut Quirrell freaking out about the Troll roaring after being knocked out
  • Cut Snape telling Harry good luck in Quidditch
  • Cut most of Harry doing nothing during the first half of the Quidditch match. He just sits in the air most watching the others most of the time…
  • Cut Hagrid saying Harry’s gonna be sick after he catches the snitch
  • Trimmed Hagrid talking about Nicolas Flammel so he doesn’t sound so dumb all the time
  • Cut Ron going to see the mirror completely
  • Kept Neville’s leg lock curse but trimmed the end
  • Cut Harry shushing Ron while Hermione tells them about Flammel
  • Cut Hagrid talking like an idiot again just before the dragon hatches
  • Cut Voldemort walking through the forest before the group splits up
  • Heavily trimmed up Voldemort trying to attack Harry in the forest. Much better now
  • Cut half of Firenze’s talk about Voldemort
  • Completely cut the trio going to see Hagrid to ask him about the dragon seller and Hagrid being an idiot again telling them how to get past Fluffy
  • Cut Snape talking to them just after seeing McGonagal
  • Added a bit of music to when Neville confronts the trio, and cut Ron saying it’s for his own good
  • Trimmed them getting past Fluffy so he doesn’t wait so long to bite them, and doesn’t bite the door
  • Trimmed up the next few rooms just slightly for pacing
  • Ending is untouched
  • Other minor trims throughout

Chamber of Secrets:

Original - 2:32 (2:41 with credits)
Edit - 2:25 (2:35 with credits)

  • Used the extended edition as a base
  • Cut the Dursleys rehearsing their plan for the evening
  • Added music to Dobby’s arrival with slight trims
  • Dobby doesn’t show Harry the letters. Harry just chases him downstairs
  • Added a very slight music cue to Ginny seeing Harry arrive, and trimmed it to fit nicer
  • Cut the questioning of a rubber duck
  • Cut the Malfoy’s in Knockturn Alley
  • Cut Harry almost falling out of the car while flying from the train
  • Heavily trimmed them running into the Whomping Willow
  • Trimmed the pixie fight
  • Harry doesn’t say “Spooky”
  • Trimmed the Quidditch match a lot for pacing
  • Snape attacks Lockhart immediately instead of waiting forever after the countdown
  • No quips between Malfoy and Harry before their duel
  • Cut Harry looking over the lake asking who he is
  • Trimmed Harry being stared at in the study room
  • Cut Harry seeing Hagrid right after the study room
  • Cut Harry talking to the hat before he sees Dumbledore
  • Trimmed up the polyjuice gathering scenes
  • Trimmed up the whole scene of Harry writing in the book and saying everything he writes as slowly as possible
  • Cut Hagrid talking to the trio right before Neville comes to get them
  • Cut Ron and Harry pulling the cloak out. They just go straight to Hagrids
  • Harry doesn’t shush Ron in the forest
  • Small trims for pacing in the spider attack
  • Cut them knowing that Ginny is in the chamber
  • Cut Ron slamming a rock into Lockhart’s head
  • Trimmed some of the Baselisk attack, especially where Harry is flailing a sword like an idiot and not hitting anything
  • Cut them flying out of the Chamber of secrets with Fawkes
  • Cut Harry picking up the sword in Dumbeldore’s office. I cringe when he grabs the blade
  • Cut Harry saying he’ll always be around to save the day
  • Cut Mr Malfoy trying to use Avada Kedavra
  • Trimmed Dobby and Harry’s final scene with a bit of music added over it
  • Trimmed some of Hagrid coming back and making a big scene in the hall
  • Lots of other minor trims throughout

Prisoner of Azkaban:

Original - 2:10 (2:22 with credits)
Edit - 2:08 (2:20 with credits)

  • Cut one of the two button attacks on Dudley
  • Cut the old lady crossing the street during the Knight Bus along with the first of Harry slamming into the window
  • Cut Neville getting knocked down by the monster book and saying “I’m okay”
  • Slight trims to Harry’s Patronus lesson
  • Cut most of the ridiculous Whomping Willow attack with Hermione and Harry flying around
  • Trimmed a bit of Harry’s first encounter with Sirius
  • Trimmed Ron’s bit about needing to remove his leg while Harry and Sirius talk
  • Cut Sirius gasping at the Dementors and then the next scene being knocked out again. Weird jump cut.
  • Cut Harry and Hermione seeing Snape walk into the Whomping Willow right after Lupin when he should’ve arrived a short while later
  • Trimmed a bit of when Harry and Hermione see the bats fly by
  • Cut Harry’s nonchalant line when the Werewolf starts running at them.
  • Straight to black right before credits instead of the freeze frame

Goblet of Fire:

Original - 2:34 (2:37 with credits)
Edit - 2:07 (2:21 with credits)

  • Used the regular movie as a base but took a lot of edits straight from Anjohan’s Revisited version
  • Intro Title now pops out right after the old man dies, along with the Harry Potter theme behind it
  • Cut Hermione angrily waking the two up
  • Cut the weird effects of the portkey
  • Cut the Malfoys talking to them before the game
  • Tightened up some of the Death Eater attack
  • Cut all instances of Barty Crouch Jr doing the weird tongue thing
  • Cut the aurors shooting at the trio
  • Removed Filch awkwardly running into the hall and added some music behind Dumbeldore talking about the new guests and tournament
  • Cut Karkaroff doing shady stuff to the goblet of fire
  • Cut the entire Ron not talking to Harry plot. I used most of the rearranging from Anjohan
  • Cut Dumbledore shouting at Harry
  • Trimmed Harry’s interview
  • Cut the owl biting Harry
  • Cut the mini dragon reveals just before they fight the dragons
  • Tightened up the dragon fight
  • Trimmed McGonagal talking about the Yule Ball
  • Cut the pop music section during the ball
  • Trimmed underwater egg scene with Moaning Myrtle
  • Trimmed some awkward dialog and performance just after Harry saves Cedric from the vines
  • Cut moaning Voldemort when he touches Harry’s scar
  • Cut awkward dialog between the trio at the very end
  • Lots of other minor trims throughout

Order of the Phoenix:

Original - 2:08 (2:18 with credits)
Edit - 2:10 (2:20 with credits)

  • Used some of JJPotters Extended Edition as a base
  • Tightened up the Dementor attack
  • Added HP Theme where Moody opens up the Headquarters building
  • Tightened up a bit of the hearing
  • Cut out a bit of the Filch ridiculousness while he tries to get into the room of requirement
  • Cut the “I’m okay” bit when the kid gets dropped
  • Cut Sirius toasting “Harry!” That line always bothered me for some reason
  • Cut some of Harry talking to Sirius about being the snake in his dreams
  • Added Neville music when he is talking about how his parents died
  • Cut the bit right after Dumbledore teleports away with Fawkes
  • Trimmed Grawp’s intro and cut some unnecessary stuff
  • Color corrected the extended scene in the forest with Umbridge
  • Color corrected the extended scene at the end with Ron asking Harry to go eat with them
  • A few other minor trims throughout

Half Blood Prince:

Original - 2:24 (2:33 with credits)
Edit - 2:25 (2:34 with credits)

  • Used some of JJPotters Extended Edition as a base
  • All extended scenes in except the ending one with Harry asking Hermione and Ron to keep the snogging to a minimum
  • Brought Snape’s unbreakable vow to the intro
  • Cut Dumbledore asking if Harry is into Hermione
  • Cut weird interaction with Hermione’s butterbeer mustache
  • Added a bit of music behind Ron and Harry talking about Ginny
  • Added a bit of music behind Harry and Ginny before Ron sits in between them
  • Color corrected Harry talking to Mr Weasley
  • Cut just a bit back on Lavender’s “Won Wons”. Only one spot
  • Fade out on Ginny and Harry’s kiss. Feels a lot less awkward now
  • Cut Slughorn taking the spider venom
  • Trimmed a bit of Harry convincing Slughorn to give him the memory
  • Cut Dumbledore noticing Harry needs a shave when his face is as smooth as can be
  • Cut Harry using Sectum sempra on the water zombies. He now only uses it on Malfoy and tries to on Snape. I think it gives just slight more impact to his final moment with Snape in this movie
  • Trimmed the ending a bit

Deathly Hallows Part 1:

Original - 2:15 (2:26 with credits)
Edit - 2:17 (2:29 with credits)

  • Used the regular movie as a base and took three scenes from JJPotters Extended Edition
  • Kept the intro deleted scenes for Petunia talking to Harry, and Mr. Weasley making the radio from JJPotters version, but left out the Dudley scene as I felt it wasn’t complete enough to fit.
  • Cut the scene in the tunnel where Harry runs across the top of the bus while Hagrid spins them around the tunnel. It was a really goofy scene in the middle of the battle
  • Kept the “Zip me up” scene with Ginny, but changed the music to be more intimate for them and less somber
  • Kept the deleted scene for Ron telling them that Voldemort’s name is taboo
  • Removed all other the deleted scenes including the rabbit hunt and skipping stones
  • The rest of the movie is the same

Deathly Hallows Part 2:

Original - 1:58 (2:10 with credits)
Edit - 2:01 (2:13 with credits)

  • Used the regular movie as a base and took a few scenes from JJPotters Extended Edition
  • Added the cottage scene with Bill talking about the goblin, and the scene right after with Luna talking to Harry at Dobby’s grave. Color corrected the beach.
  • Added music behind when Ginny first sees Harry return to Hogwarts. Used the same track I added to the previous movie with her scene with Harry.
  • Added in the deleted scene with Harry holding Ginny’s hand as they walk to Snape
  • Added in the deleted scene with Tonks and Lupin before the battle
  • This is basically JJPotters Extended Edition except without the extra deleted scene with Filch towards the end, and with the added music over Ginny meeting Harry again