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Deepfake Tarkin & Leia swap (Rogue One) (up on the Shamook youtube channel)
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17-Feb-2021, 5:17 AM

I’ll be very interested whenever someone integrates the Luke deepfake into mando! I will say just from the clip peasent provided, there are a few ideas to further edit/improve the look (although its very impressive already):

I think some subtle color correction on the face could go a long way.

Maybe something could be done opacity-wise to bring some of the stubble in the original back to luke’s jawline to bring some age.

After everything a slight layer of sharpening might help with the deepfakes “softening problem”.

The resting position of his lips are also uncanny when he speaks but I doubt anything can be done with that.

In fact maybe there could be an attempt to merge the original and deepfake like Tarkin, by overlaying them together (keeping the lower part of his face the same and using the deepfake on the nose up). Most people just have a problem with his eyes which the DF fixes but it cant do the lip sync like the original.

Just some thoughts lemme know what you guys think im obviously not a VFX artist.