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16-Feb-2021, 12:30 PM
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theprequelsrule said:

oojason said:

theprequelsrule said:

RicOlie_2 said:

It’s very sad. This place isn’t what it used to be.

I was bored and went into some old threads. I found that this site seems to be in its third stage. Around the years 2008-2009 or so you had some original members (from 2003) complaining about how all the “old members” were gone and the place wasn’t the same. Many of them (Darthchaltab etc.) stopped posting around then, or a few years later (psychodavy). End of The Early Years.

Then TVs Frink and Duracell (among others) came along and the site (or at least the Off Topic and Film areas) was/were rejuvenated. The Next Generation

Then 10/18 happened - a whole bunch of active members got banned and other active members left in response.

Just for clarity; for anyone unfamiliar with situation at that time, and now reading this…

a ‘whole bunch of active members got banned’? It was 3 members who were banned… Collipso (who’d been here around a year), Possessed, and TV’s Frink - Detention Block AA-23 : The’s Banned Members.

10/18 didn’t just ‘happen’ - if I recall… it was a ‘final straw’ type-situation in a lengthy & ongoing state of affairs for at least one, maybe two, of the members above.

Then 12/20 happened - more active members (chainsawash etc.) got banned. End of The Next Generation (?)

Now I’m humming the ST:TNG theme in my head 👍

2 members were banned - Chainsaw and dahmage both announced their leaving of the site before they were banned (with continuing attacks on members / site / site staff in their ‘leaving’ posts; resulting in their bans afterwards).

Like ‘10/18’, that didn’t just ‘happen’ either.

The same with Duracell sometime afterwards.

It seems we are in the third stage of So far it is a lot less fun.

If you feel this way then why not contribute to help make this section of the site more fun?

As others on here have said previously… many sites and forums that also now have a Discord have seen participation reduce in their Off Topic, General Discussion or The Boozer sections. The upshot seems to be the same here - the OT Discord seems to be doing well with a number of members actively participating / shooting the breeze on there - more so on there than here in The Cantina.

Maybe that’ll change again over time…

I am aware of the circumstances regarding the bans.

Aye, though when members on here state a ‘whole bunch of active members got banned’ or similar - a group, clan, gang, host, posse etc as others have previously stated… sometime afterwards I (and likely the other mods) receive PMs and questions sometime after asking just who was in the ‘bunch’ that were banned… and it is ‘just’ 3 members.

Which is in part why I mentioned ‘Just for clarity; for anyone unfamiliar with situation at that time, and now reading this…’


The point is that there was a ripple effect when they happened because those members drove a lot of the discussions around here and drew others into participating.

Yeah, I agree with that… to a point. Though it is also worth noting some previous members’ actions on here also resulted in others withdrawing from discussions - either from certain sections of the site, or the site altogether… something which is often overlooked or forgotten about.

Is discord, at least here on, mostly text chats? I prefer it to vid or voice. I kind of like to have an image of what members are like, without really knowing what they look and sound like. Does that make me a weirdo? 😃

Yes - mainly text chats (though it is easier to add videos / gifs and audio on the Discord in general, than it is on here).

We are all weirdos on here 👍 (and on the Discord too!)