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Fang Zei
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Info Wanted: 1997 and 2004 OT preservations in HD?
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15-Feb-2021, 2:55 PM
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17-Mar-2021, 10:14 PM
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With all the good work being done by Harmy and TN1 on the OOT, I thought it was worth asking about the pre-2011 officially revised versions and the best available preservations that are out there.

The 2011 OT blu-ray was based off of the exact same hd master created for the 2004 dvd release, but the 2004 version was never seen at 720/1080 home video resolution outside of hdtv broadcasts. I seem to recall seeing screengrabs of an hd recording back in 2005 or so. Would there still be any preservations intact all these years later?

While the 2004/2011 master was finished at 1080 resolution from a scan of the original negative, the 1997 restoration was done photochemically. Aside from some attempts at scanning in 35mm prints, it seems like the best available preservations out there would be based on hd broadcast captures.

Apologies if there’s a basically identical thread about this already, but I thought it would be worth asking for people’s thoughts on the various efforts over the years to preserve these two revisions of the OT at their highest possible quality.