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Mando EP1: A Vergence in the Force [Version 3 in Progress]
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14-Feb-2021, 9:06 AM
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14-Feb-2021, 9:09 AM
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smudger9 said:

I’m just running through my first cut of the season 2 edit, and the one thing that keeps nagging me is a desire to put the Tattooine episode into this fanedit. I just feel that seeing how Fennic and Boba came together is important. Not necessarily for the Mandalorian, but for the Book of Boba Fett which seems like it will run alongside the Mandalorian.

I suppose there are four ways of doing this.

  1. Cut the village scenes completely and when Mando says “looks like this planet is taken” transition wipe to the Razorcrest in space. This would keep the current 2.5 hour run time.
  2. Keep the village scenes but cut the walker battle, giving a 2.75 hour runtime.
  3. Keep all the village scenes and have a 3 hour runtime.
  4. Produce two 2-hour movies for season 1 by including the initial Nevarro trip and Jawas and ending episode 1 as Mando escapes Nevarro with the child.

What are people’s thoughts?

I just finished watching your season 1 cut, and have got to say it’s nearly flawless. Thank you so much for your hard work! It will be my go to file to rewatch season 1 from now on. The work you did on episode two and the “random encounter” with the Mudhorn is really great, especially.

However, some minor nitpicks that I know you thought of while making the cut:
If I was the one editing, I’d have left Grogu eating the frog after the AT-ST attack in the village. It’s a great running gag, that I think leads into Greef’s line “He’s trying to eat me!” you’ve also omitted. Not that it’s comedy gold, but it’s a fun aside that I like to watch and builds on Grogu’s character.
The main thing I’d have done differently though, is to have cut Mando’s flashback in the last episode, and instead I would’ve cut to the stormtroopers shooting the shit with Grogu after killing Kuil. I think it’s a nice break from Moff Gideon’s siege, and with some minor cuts (like leaving out them shooting the can) it doesn’t add much screentime compared to the flashback, which I think is absolutely non essential and just filler.

Nonetheless, that’s just my opinion on what I would have done - everything is absolutely mesmerizing how it’s cut together in your edit. Love that dogfight from episode 5 sprinkled between 4 and 7!

Great work. Looking forward to watching your season 2 edit!

About your post quoted above, I wouldn’t mess with your edit just to add Tattooine. I don’t think meeting Fennec this early has any impact whatsoever in her scenes in season 2, nor how she and Bobba meet moving forward. But if you really would like to move forward with this, I think option 1 is the best, if not even cutting episode 4 altogether and just introducing Cara Dune in 7 after the wrestle in the cantina. We don’t really need to know her previous to that - but I do think the film will seem less structured and more stitched together that way.

Anyway, those are just my two cents!