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Fantasia CAV LaserDisc Restoration project - [Basement Archivist - V1] (released)
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11-Feb-2021, 10:58 AM

I see, it make sense since most of the other deleted scene were just reframed on the Blu-ray except for that particular part. Thanks for the heads up, I didn’t realize while doing it since the 35mm scan seem to jump some section. And by the way, sorry, I didn’t mean to try and steal you guy’s thunder on this, it really happened totally by coincidence, I decided to do this maybe 2-3 weeks ago and at that time there was just a bunch of conversations and threads that has been there for a long time without anything being released, so I went ahead and did the work and only realized the day I was trying to release it that Class316 and you had released your version a few days prior.