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The Mandalorian Discussion Thread - * SPOILERS *
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11-Feb-2021, 10:06 AM
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jedi_bendu said:

Wexter said:

Thank you for a thorough answer, however, I respectfully disagree on several accounts.

You’re very welcome. Like you, I doubt that Gina meant the image as openly anti-semitic, but it was foolish to slap such a graphic image on her twitter without looking into it. Same goes to BLM Oxford - it must be the extreme analogy that attracts people who are looking to make a point about extreme wealth inequality, which I suspect was the motive for both Gina and the BLM group.

As for this whole topic in general, I love the character of Cara Dune - a refuge from Alderaan having to find purpose again in the aftermath of the war - and I think a recast is best. I wondered if it’s possible for Lucasfilm to have fired Gina and told her, ‘If you stop sharing offensive stuff for good we’ll consider re-employing you’, but honestly I don’t think the relationship between her and the cast and crew (particularly Pedro, who is staunchly anti-Trump) would ever be the same again. There are plenty of other actors who would love to take on the role.

Should Pascal’s feelings towards a co-star’s political views, or just personality in general, be all that important to a production though? Many actors have in the past and present thoroughly disliked each other yet still managed to act professionally on set.

And I would hope film/TV sets are largely politics-free zones.

I personally take somewhat of a middle-ground viewpoint when it comes to stuff like this. Carano’s tweets (the one’s I’ve seen anyhow) were hyperbolic and some were outright thoughtless, but I still can’t help but feel that her views, provocative or not, isn’t any of her employers business at all. That is provided she behaves professionally and politely on set, which as far as I know she always has.

Of course if someone can point to direct harassment or incitements to harassment, violence, etc. then this discussion is obviously irrelevant and they made a good decisions. But, actors do have opinions, both liberal and conservative and there’s always bound to be things that will upset other people, both inside and outside the film industry. And the internet does unfortunately tend to bring out the worst in people and twitter especially makes it easy for people to quickly blurt out things without much thought regarding the larger context (and this goes double for retweets).

But as Rodney pointed out, companies do of course wish to avoid bad press so they are of course in their right overall.

Either way, as for how this will impact the series going forward, I’d assume it would be fairly easy to write her out of the The Mandalorian. Though we don’t know if they had big plans for her in the Rangers of the New Republic spin-off series as some speculated. It’s not that big of a plot thread to leave hanging, but it did seem like they were planning on doing something with the character.